LIS Program Expectations of Incoming Students' Technology Knowledge and Skills

Kules, B. McDaniel, J (2010)

JELIS (51,4) p 222-232

As LIS programs continue to incorporate information and communications technology (ICT) into their curricula, one of the challenges they face is the diverse technology backgrounds and competencies of incoming students. Students without adequate preparation may experience particular difficulty when confronted with a more technically demanding curriculum. This article reports on content analysis of the requirements and expectations for incoming students that 57 ALA-accredited LIS programs have published on the web. It examines the conceptual knowledge, practical skills, and ICT access identified by the programs as important for student success, for face-to-face and online programs. It also examines how programs diagnose and support students with gaps in their knowledge or skills. The study used an iterative method to develop categories that reflect the diversity of expectations regarding knowledge, skills, and ICT access. The results suggest that there are few consistent expectations between programs. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.