Adopter Types of E-Learning Innovations in Higher Education. Empirical Findings.

Helge Fischer,
Media Center,Technical University Dresden, Germany
Prof. Dr. Thomas Koehler,
Media Center,Technical University Dresden, Germany

The present paper introduces empirical findings of the research project “Adoption of e-learning innovations in Higher Education”. The aim of the project was the
characterization of teachers as potential adopters of e-learning innovations. Therefore the needs, motivation and attitudes of teachers in Higher Education toward e-learning
innovations were analyzed by an empirical study. By using multivariate analysis (cluster analysis, factor analysis) four adopter types have been identified: young professionals,
experienced explorers, preservers and reward seekers. The empirical findings can be used for designing target group-specific change management strategies during introducing elearning innovations in academic teaching. The present article introduces the quintessence of the empirical study.