Review: E-moderating by Gilly Salmon

In good company: the secrets to successful learning communities by Don Cohen and Laurence Prusak

Michael Feldstein
eLearn Magazine, Volume 2002, Issue 3 (March 2002), Page 3

Linking KM to e-learning

Every grouping of people develops its own culture with formal and informal rules, norms of behavior, ways of operating and sanctions against those who fail to understand or conform. An individual
cannot easily replace a familiar culture or values with those of a new community—he or she is more likely to selectively adapt or modify features of a new group that seem attractive or useful.
—Gilly Salmon

So why does the virtual organization model work in the film industry? Mainly, we believe, because although each film is different (well, most are), the process of making a film is pretty much
standardized—the "rules" are set, to use Leadbeater's word. Roles are well defined. Everyone knows what the actors, electricians, foley artists, gaffers, makeup artists, animal wranglers, drivers, and other crew members are supposed to do. These processes are socially embedded. Shared contexts, vocabularies, and legends abound.
—Don Cohen and Laurence Prusak