Library and Information Science Students' Feedback in an Online Course

Aharony, N 2011
JELIS (52,4) p. 305-19

The aim of the current research is to analyze the content of the messages expressed by LIS students in online courses as feedback, with the purpose of understanding the main themes being articulated by LIS university and college students, and examining whether there is a difference between the themes of LIS university students and those of LIS college students as revealed in their feedback. The paper provides a quantitative and a qualitative content analysis of feedbacks assigned to an online course taught in Israel. Findings show that the major theme expressed in LIS student feedback is their personal impression of their online experience, followed by the reflection category and the collaboration one. The smallest categories focus on course material and on course management. Furthermore, findings present that LIS university students are more satisfied with their online learning experience and that LIS university students discuss and express more reflective, analytic meta-cognitive aspects of the learning process than their LIS college counterparts. Reprinted by permission of the publisher.